Should you be worried about ice dams?

Ice is a familiar word here in Oklahoma. Our winter typically consists of a mix of rain, ice, and snow, which can cause ice dams to form along the outside of your home. An ice dam is a blockage of ice that forms along the edge of your roof due to freezing weather.

Ice dams keep ice and water from flowing properly through your gutters, which can cause significant water damage. If you notice ice forming in the corners and gutters of your home, that means an ice dam is forming. The dam will continue to grow, and eventually, freezing water will become trapped behind the dam, causing the water to flow through cracks and into your home.

How to prevent ice dams

Preventing ice dams is the best way to avoid damage and its costs altogether. Keep in mind that ice dams do not always happen in the same area. Preventing ice dams can be done through:

  • Ventilation under roof deck: keeps cold outside air circulating through the attic
  • Insulation in the ceiling: prevents warm air from rising up into the attic
  • Blocking heat sources that may be contributing to high temperatures in the attic
  • Using an ice and water shield or higher-level products to protect your home

Contrary to what many people believe, a cold attic actually means no ice dams, while a warm attic means “beware.”

How to remove ice dams

You can melt the ice dam, but you can’t “fix it” after the fact. Do not attempt to fix anything on your own. Professional roofers are trained experts who can help you not only remove the ice dams safely, but inspect and fix any issues that the dams have caused. Steam is most commonly used to melt ice dams. 

To better protect your home, we at Palladium encourage investing in an ice and water shield. Not only will it protect your home from ice dams and its after-effects, but it will save you money in the end. Products that add protection to your home are always worth the investment.