Palladium’s in-house service department

Palladium Roofing has some awesome news! We are introducing an in-house service department. Our plan is to build out an entire service department for residential, commercial, and simple repairs for our in-house crew, and we are very excited.

Having an in-house service department requires more responsibilities, but it has tons of advantages for both our team and customers. 

Outsourcing vs. in-house 

Outsourcing means that someone hires resources to help with projects, and those resources are people outside the company (freelancers, agencies, etc.). In-house is simply your existing employees, including yourself. 

Outsourcing can be great and does have its own advantages, but sometimes, subcontracting repairs can take longer. This is why having someone in-house can make the process much more efficient.

Benefits of having an in-house service department

As mentioned above, outsourcing can be great if that’s something that works for you. Palladium Roofing not only wants to continue building a team, but having an in-house service department will benefit us more. Benefits for in-house include:

  • Allows for better, more efficient communication
  • Gives us more control over quality
  • Allows for a more flexible schedule
  • Repairs are completed much more quickly
  • Saves money on subcontracting costs
  • Helps us build skills for better results
  • Gives peace of mind when you have a team you can trust

Although we will be building our in-house department, we will still outsource projects during storm and hail season because it’s the busiest time of the year for us. Higher-risk projects will occasionally be outsourced as well.

Join the Palladium Roofing team

Recently, we added two new team members to the team: Manny and Serafin. They bring a lot of knowledge and expertise, and we can’t wait to expand the team further!

We are still in the process of creating our in-house service department, which means we are looking for motivated, reliable people to join the Palladium Roofing team. If you’re interested, please visit our website and fill out the contact form. We would love to chat!

The Palladium Roofing team is ecstatic about this new addition. Having an in-house service department is the first step toward growth!