Roof inspections before selling or purchasing a home

Roof inspections help us identify any current or potential roof issues and allow us to determine what—if any—next steps need to be taken. We recommend that every homeowner get a roof inspection yearly to keep track of their home’s condition.

We all know Covid-19 has affected just about everything, including the housing market. In the past two years, the housing market has skyrocketed! Homes began selling quickly, and people were offering way above the asking price. Builders have to work more quickly, and people are becoming more eager to buy or sell.

A common issue we run into is that people are in such a hurry to buy or sell a home that they are skipping roof inspections altogether—or they are just unaware of the importance of inspections.

Importance of roof inspections beforehand

Home inspections are a must when selling or buying a home, but for many homeowners, it’s important to have a thorough roof inspection to get up close and identify any issues.

The importance of roof inspections is often overlooked in real estate transactions. In general, roof inspections help track and prolong the condition of your home, and without them, it’s impossible to know the true condition of the roof.

For sellers, getting your roof inspected will provide peace of mind and a competitive advantage as you put your home up for sale, and you can confidently tell potential buyers that your roof is in good condition.

Roof inspections beforehand also provide peace of mind for buyers. The last thing any new homeowner wants is to spend money on things that weren’t planned for after they just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home.

Are bad conditions non-insurable?

Some homeowners risk being dropped from their insurance company when they move into a home with bad roof conditions. Insurance companies will not insure your roof if its condition is already bad. This puts a lot of stress on new homeowners.

To avoid stress and other complications, we encourage both sellers and buyers to have the roof inspected before any transaction or signing.

Although roof inspections and maintenance come with a price tag, the return on investment will be worth it. Find a trustworthy, educated roof inspector to do the job. Palladium takes before and after photos and keeps track of every roof inspection.