Palladium’s mission, vision, and core values

This year, we have celebrated two years in business, updated our systems and processes, hired a new employee, and much more. I specifically want to share our updated mission, vision, and core values, which I am very excited about!

As a business, it’s important to have a mission for what you do, a vision for what you want to accomplish, and core values for your team to follow as a guide.


Valuing our employees so that they may positively impact the roofing industry and our customers’ lives

Employees are behind every business. They are the ones who help keep the business going, so it only makes sense for us business owners to ensure they are happy. Happy employees create happy customers! 

We are very big on company culture, growth, and team building. We’ve done escape rooms, gone whitewater rafting, and frequently volunteer together. Our team gets along great, and we always have a lot of fun together. We pride ourselves on our work environment!


Thousands of roofs restored and even more lives impacted

There is a lot of negativity surrounding the roofing industry. Not every roofing company uses quality materials or is experienced, which often leads to unhappy customers. 

Palladium’s goal is to better the roofing industry! We do this by using consistent communication and quality materials, staying honest and experienced, and having a reliable team!

At the end of the day, we truly care about people and want to make sure their home is in no less than great condition.

Core values

Our core values are used as a guide for the team and me. We have these on our website, in our office, and on our ID badges as a reminder! Here are our core values and what they mean to us.

  • Ownership: holding ourselves and each other accountable for the results of our actions
  • Work-life balance: mental health is important, and ensuring everyone has a good balance between personal and work life is a necessity
  • Never sacrificing quality: using only high-quality materials and experience. We don’t sacrifice quality to gain customers.
  • Growth mindset: continuous growth is crucial for everyone to succeed. If you aren’t growing, you aren’t improving.
  • Team-focused: we work as a team! Everyone has their own experience, opinions, and knowledge, which means everyone’s input matters.
  • Community advocacy: we enjoy giving back to the community, whether we are volunteering, donating, or sponsoring. As a local business, we want to support other local businesses and nonprofits. 

Now, you know our mission, vision, and core values! Follow our social media or sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of roofing updates and see other fun stuff from our team!