Hiring a roof sales representative

Palladium Roofing is growing! A few weeks ago, we shared that we were looking to hire a roof sales representative to help with inspections, estimates, and sales. The search continues!

We’re a small business, which means we want be more detailed in our application and hiring process. This helps narrow candidates down to better find what we’re looking for—and what they’re looking for! 

What will the sales representative do?

You guessed it: sales! However, we are looking for someone to help with inspections, estimates, and sales. The official title will be field representative once hired (the current title lets people know the job focuses heavily on sales).

To be successful in this position, you must:

  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Be able to lift up to 70 lbs
  • Not be afraid to climb on roofs
  • Have good communication skills
  • Be good with technology

There are also seasons that are busier than others, so there may end up being overtime during one season and a lot more downtime in another. 

It’s going to be hard work, and it’s not for everyone, which is why we are taking our time to find the right person.

Why wouldn’t you want to work as a roof sales representative?

It may sound silly, but the roofing industry isn’t for everyone—and that’s okay. Here are some ways to figure out if it’s a right fit for you.

  • Overtime! Like we mentioned before, some seasons are busier than others. Storm season tends to be the busiest time of the year, and it’s all hands on deck.
  • We have systems and processes, and a lot of them are online. You’ll need to be a quick learner when it comes to online apps.
  • Hate networking? You’ll need to be able to build strong relationships with customers and partners. Quality communication and customer service is crucial.

We currently have a few potential candidates, but it’s not too late! There is still time to apply. All you have to do is visit our website, watch the video, and then scroll down to schedule an interview!