About Us

Palladium Roofing provides roof inspection, installation, repair, and maintenance services to residential customers, realtors, and property managers throughout the Oklahoma City area.

As a roofing company, we know we're not just fixing roofs. We're restoring your peace of mind with the safety, security, and shelter a good roof provides. That's why we'll always use quality materials and workmanship in our work—and because it's just the right thing to do.

We're local. We have integrity. We'll do the right thing, even if it costs us more in the long run.


Andrew Gasper, Founder

Palladium Roofing founder Andrew Gasper knows Oklahoma, understands roofs, enjoys athletics, and loves people.

Andrew was born in Germany. He soon moved to Oklahoma as Tinker Air Force Base brought him here as a small child. He graduated from Moore High School and went on to the University of Oklahoma, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Sciences.

After briefly working at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, he changed occupations and built his reputation in the roofing industry as a roof inspector and estimator. After completing more than 1,500 home inspections, he decided to create his own roofing company, Palladium Roofing.

As a comic book fan, Andrew named his company after the element that powered one superhero's iron suit. That character developed integrity over time—something which Andrew says is at the core of his business. He likes the story arc enough that his wedding ring is made of palladium.

Andrew has a heart for his community and volunteers with several nonprofits, including those supporting foster dogs. He also enjoys the local craft beer brewing scene.