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At Palladium, we care about the safety of others, and anything we can do to help, we will! We’ve created a guide for homeowners to prepare for storm season. Instead of putting off preparation until the day of a storm, we recommend having a plan in place before storm season begins.

Prepare Your Home

Taking precautions and preparing your home for storm season will extend your home’s life. A few things you can do to prepare your home are:

  • Cleaning your gutters
  • Getting a proper roof inspection
  • Trimming your trees and removing broken branches
  • Ensuring you have proper ventilation
  • Taking before pictures and inventorying what’s in your home

Gather a Storm Kit

Storm kits are crucial! Nobody expects to get hurt, stuck in a shelter, etc., but you should be prepared for the unexpected. We recommend gathering enough essential items to last at least a few days. Here are things to consider including in your storm kit or even in your shelter:

  • Medicine
  • First Aid kit
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Bottled water
  • Canned food
  • Blanket
  • Radio or cell phone

Create an Emergency Plan

You should have a plan whether you are at home during a storm, in public, at a friend’s, etc. Ensure you have a way to communicate with your family in case of an emergency, as well as a plan for where you will meet for safety.

Clean Your Storm Shelter

Nobody likes spider webs and dust, so we recommend cleaning out your storm shelter beforehand. Be sure to stock the shelter with food and water (included in the storm kit). This is in case you have to be in the shelter for a while. We also recommend that if you’re a homeowner, be sure to register your shelter here so emergency responders can find you.

Know Your Insurance Policy

If a storm causes damage to your home, you want to be aware of your insurance policy and the deductible and make sure everything is up-to-date. As mentioned before, get a roof inspection and take before pictures for proof. Insurance companies could deny a claim and say the damage is old.

Need a roof inspection or have a question? Reach out to Palladium today, and be safe during storm season!

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