Why Us

We're local. We're loyal. We're reliable and will do the right thing, even if it costs us.

Over the years working in the roofing industry, we've learned people decide on roofing companies not based on the company, but based on the characteristics of the representative with whom they are working.

People want to know if the individual is experienced in the industry, knowledgeable about best practices and materials, and whether they are ethical individuals with a high level of integrity. That's one of the reasons why for us, these qualities are so important.

What does that look like for us? It means always doing the right thing, doing what we say we are going to do, knowing our trade and best practices, and always choosing quality materials and labor, even it costs us a job. We're not going to be the cheapest, but we'll do the job right.

And more, once you sign with us, we're your guide and your advocate. We'll work with your insurance adjusters. We'll help you file the hail damage claim. We'll work to make sure everything is covered that should be. Once we have completed your roof, we'll check in with you to see if you're satisfied — not because we have to but because we care.