Advantages of lump sum pricing

As your reliable roofing company, it’s our job to educate homeowners on their options. Homeowners deserve honesty, communication, and comfort! That said, we at Palladium provide high-quality service and materials managed by high-quality software.

Often, homeowners don’t want to deal with their insurance companies, arguing back and forth about price. To help homeowners, we go through every step, provide a complete invoice, and send it to the insurance company with a signed contract. This shortens the insurance process and gives contractors and homeowners peace of mind.

By using lump sum pricing, we can give homeowners the exact amount the work will cost without unexpectedly paying out-of-pocket. It also makes it easier to receive financing since most lenders prefer defined projects and straightforward costs.

With the software we use, contractors and homeowners are in control. It’s a great shift in the contracting industry because there is more consistency with estimating and communication with adjusters. Insurance companies often use the program called Xactimate.

Lump sum pricing vs. Xactimate

Xactimate is easy-to-use estimating software. We don’t typically recommend Xactimate because rates tend to be undermined. Material and labor costs constantly fluctuate, and unfortunately, the Xactimate software program doesn’t account for that. Most insurance companies use this software to estimate material and service costs, which puts them in control of homeowners’ estimates.

Lump sum pricing is a new option as the contracting industry shifts, and it offers advantages for both contractors and homeowners. Homeowners deserve high-quality software just as much as they do high-quality materials and services. Contractors also have peace of mind by using the proper software for more accurate pricing to compensate for the work and materials.